Ambition announces Dream Girlfriend collaboration with anime KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!

Ambition Co., Ltd. (Toshima, Tokyo. CEO Masanori Fukushima) has announced a new collaboration between its popular mobile game “Dream Girlfriend” and TV anime “KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!” (KonoSuba!), starting February 14th 2019.

■Dream Girlfriend x KonoSuba! Collaboration!
Popular mobile game “Dream Girlfriend” will be holding a collaboration event featuring the TV anime “KonoSuba!”, starting February 14th 2019.
Players will be able to get their hands on exclusive outfits that allow them to dress up their own in-game girlfriends as different characters from the “KonoSuba!” anime.

■”KonoSuba!” Collaboration Gacha!

Starting 01:00 February 14th 2019 PST, new exclusive outfits, hairstyles based on Aqua, Wiz, Succubus and more KoboSuba! characters will be available in a special collaboration Gacha.

【Collaboration Gacha Avatar Images】

【Gacha Period】
01:00 February 14th 2019 to 22:00 March 11th 2019 PST.

■”KonoSuba!” Collaboration Login Bonus!

Starting 12:00 February 14th 2019 PST, a Limited Login Bonus featuring a Kazuma avatar and many more prizes will be made available to all players.

【Login Bonus Rewards】
Day 1: Stamina Bento x2
Day 2: Timesaver 60 x2
Day 3: Closet Space +30
Day 4: Timesaver 240 x1
Day 5: Gacha Ticket x1
Day 6: Super Stamina Bento x1
Day 7: Avatar “Adventurer -Kazuma-“
* Rewards will be sent based on the number of days logged in during the campaign period.
* Rewards will be sent to the in-game Gift Box.

【Login Bonus Avatar Images】

※Hairstyle and Eyes are not included in the Login Bonus.

【Campaign Period】
12:00 February 14th 2019 to 11:59 March 2nd 2019 PST.

■”KonoSuba!” Collaboration Event Quest!

Starting 01:00 February 14th 2019 PST, a collaboration Event Quest featuring avatars and hairstyles based on Megumin and Darkness will be held.

【Collaboration Event Avatar Images】

【How to Play】

【Event Period】
01:00 February 14th 2019 to 22:00 March 11th 2019 PST.

■What is “KonoSuba!”?
”KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!” is a popular TV anime series first broadcast between January and March 2016, with its second season broadcast the same months of the following year and a feature length movie announced for 2019. The series is based on a run of light novels currently published by Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko. Volume 15 is currently on sale in Japan, where the novels have sold over 6.5 million copies to date.

Avid gamer and full-time shut-in, Kazuma Satou, found himself in a terrible accident that brought his short life to a tragic end... or so he thought.

As he awoke, he heard the voice of a beautiful goddess, Aqua, speaking to him.

“So, I have an interesting proposition for you. How would you like to be reborn into a whole new world? I’ll even let you take one thing with you, anything you like.”
“Okay... I’ll take you.”

That new world would be one full of excitement and adventure, just like those RPGs he played! It’s time to become a great hero of legend!
... First things first, though. All heroes need to start somewhere, as Kazuma’s first important quest is working out just how to earn money in this strange new world!

Teaming up with the terrible trio of incompetent goddess “Aqua”, chunibyo mage “Megumin” and daydreaming knight “Darkness”, Kazuma’s difficult journey looks only to grow more difficult from here.

And grow difficult it does, as one day, who else but the Demon King himself should set his sights on Kazuma and his bumbling party...!

Just how exactly is this simple adventurer going to get by?!

●TV Anime ”KonoSuba!” Official Website (Japanese)
●TV Anime ”KonoSuba!” Official Twitter (Japanese)

■“Dream Girlfriend” App Info
Title: Dream Girlfriend
Platforms: App Store / Google Play / Amazon Android Store
Devices: iOS6.0+ / Android4.0+
Price: Free (with In-App Purchases)

【Download URLs】
●App Store
●Google Play
●Amazon Android Store

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【Ambition Co., Ltd. Company Info】
 Company Name: Ambition Co., Ltd.
 CEO: Masanori Fukushima
 Address: 3F (Reception) / 13F NBF Ikebukuro East Bldg., 3-4-3 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013 Japan
 Details: Development, production and servicing of web and mobile game applications.

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