Demonade has been released in English on iOS Devices in 17 countries!

TOKYO, JAPAN (November 26th, 2013)

Ambition Co., Ltd., Japanese-based developer and operator of popular social games announced today that Mazoku no Jikan, the hit mobile RPG with over 1 million downloads in Japan, has been released in English on the iOS App Store in the following 17 countries under the title Demonade:

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States


Help "Ardy", a tomboy zombie who just became the new Demon King take over the world!

Summon and Synthetize monsters, forge new equipment and form alliances with other players to increase your chances of winning the war against the humans.
Take an active part in battles by commanding your troops and enjoy the crazy story between the stages.
Regular events won't leave you time to get bored!

Service Summary
Title: Demonade
Distribution: App Store, Google Play Store
Download Links:
App Store:
Google Play Store:
Supported Devices: iPhone 4 and up, iPod Touch, iPad, Android 2.3+ Devices*
(*Exceptions possible)
Price: Free to play with in-app purchases

Inquiries regarding this release
Supervisor: Takeshi Hasegawa